Scientists + Data + Capital = Better Performance

DECIDE is a network that creates predictive models for smarter investing. It allows ad-hoc teams of investors, data scientists and data owners to build and license predictive models without needing to trust each other or a centralized authority. Teams share revenue using smart contracts and agree on incentives for continuous improvement.

Trustless Teamwork

DECIDE makes it easy to license models to investors and ensure everyone gets paid fairly.
  • Smart contracts govern how the team licenses its model, how usage is priced, and how the team share the proceeds.
  • Immediate, transparent accounting as revenue is earned.
  • Powerful built-in incentives for continued model and data set improvement.

We track and reward performance fairly

Get paid instantly as investors use your models or data. The marketplace model ensures you'll get fair value.
  • Investors outline the models or data they need and what they're willing to pay for it.
  • Data scientists earn money by building better predictive models.
  • Data owners earn money by providing unique training data that improves performance.